Learning Buddies Network is here for children who otherwise would not receive the academic support that they need.

About Us

LBN operates reading and math tutoring programmes in weekly sessions after school in elementary schools in the lower mainland. During the summer, we operate our programmes three times weekly in community centres.  Each tutoring session typically involves 10 -15 pairs of tutors and children, where the children are tutored one-to-one. All participants are together in a group location, such as the school library. Group activities are included in the tutoring programme.  The population served is inner city elementary school-aged children who are struggling with basic academics in reading and math. Many of our students come from families that are struggling to make ends meet and in order to be able to fully support our students, without placing an extra financial burden on them, our programmes are free.

Through weekly tutoring with a young adult, we aim to improve academics and self-esteem in the children receiving the intervention. In order to assess these effects, questionnaire surveys are conducted at the end of each programme, and all feedback is reviewed and used to make further modifications and improvements.

By being a tutor, volunteers take on a significant responsibility and develop communication and organization skills.  Tutors use their knowledge and training as well as creativity, empathy and sense of fun to mentor discouraged students.  In addition, tutors have the opportunity to take on a greater leadership role as site coordinators, where they are given the latitude to develop and coordinate their own site, and mentor and lead other tutors.


 1) To provide free extracurricular tutoring to elementary school children who are struggling with basic academics;

2) To improve academic skills, self -esteem and attitude to learning in these children through teaching, one-on-one mentoring and group activities;

3) To provide young adults a meaningful and rewarding volunteer experience with an opportunity to act as a role model to children and develop leadership and communication skills