Learning Buddies Network is here for children who otherwise would not receive the academic support that they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

For Parents, Teachers, Tutors

When is Learning Buddies Offered?

Learning Buddies is offered in during the school year to supplement the work that students are doing during their regular school sessions. We offer two sessions:

1. The Fall programme – operates October to December, operates in individual elementary schools

2. The Winter programme – operates February to April, operates in individual elementary schools

3. The Summer programme – July (intensive program); usually operates in local community centres

Where are volunteer tutors coming from? How old are they?

Our volunteer tutors are recruited from local high schools, universities and colleges.  High school students are between grades 10-12 and the university students are from year 1 to recent alumni.

For Teachers:

Can Learning Buddies be offered at my school?

We are constantly expanding our network and the schools that we offer our programmes in. If you are interested in implementing Learning Buddies in your school please contact us. Provide us with your name, your school’s name and your contact information.

Who is eligible for Reading Buddies or Math Buddies?

Currently, the Learning Buddies Network offers 2 programs: Reading Buddies and Math Buddies.

Reading Buddies is suitable for children who are in Grade 1-3 (as of September) and are struggling with reading. Math Buddies is suitable for children who are in Grade 4-7 (as of September) and struggling with math. Any children who are in grades higher than mentioned above but exhibits lower reading/math levels than outlined above are still eligible for our programmes.

For Parents:

Does my child have to come to every session? What if I can only make to some of the sessions?

Yes, your child is required to come to every session.  Because all tutors are expected to come to every session, you  must ensure that your child comes to Learning Buddies every session. If you are working late and need to arrange a different pick up time for your child, please consult with your site Coordinator.

What if my child gets sick or has an emergency? What should I do?

Please notify BOTH your site Coordinator AND tutor as soon as you know.  It is very important that the site Coordinator knows so they don’t expect you to attend the session.  It is also important for the tutor to know so that they do not make the unnecessary trip to attend the session while your child is not present.  Please show courtesy to our volunteers by showing them you appreciate their time.

I signed up for my child to be in Reading/Math Buddies, but they weren’t enrolled. Why is this the case?

Each buddy has to be referred from his/her school teacher in order to be eligible for our programmes. Each buddy then must hand in a written ‘parent sign-up form’. Each buddy and his/her parents then must be interviewed by phone to ensure you understand the expectations and rules of our programs. Only when you as a parent expresses to be responsible AND we have a matching volunteer tutor for your child, you will be enrolled in our programme. Sometimes, not all buddies who get referred will be coming to our programme since your child’s reading or math level may be higher than what our curriculum is designed for.

For Tutors:

I’m interested in volunteering as a tutor. What steps should I take?

The first step is to fill out our “Get Involved” registration form. Once you have done so, a member of our Learning Buddies team will interview you. If you are selected to be a volunteer, you will then go through training and will be matched with a school and student. To fill out your registration form, click here.

What is the time commitment that expected from a volunteer tutor?

All our volunteer tutors must attend a MANDATORY TRAINING SESSION scheduled regularly before the start of the programme. The training session provides crucial instructions on how to use our material and how to approach helping your buddy.  This training session will be optional for returning tutors.

All tutors must attend ALL SESSIONS of the program, except in exceptional circumstances. Please remember that without notice of illness or other commitments in advance, your buddy cannot be accommodated with a substitute buddy and will have to be sent home with disappointment.