I have been with Learning Buddies Network for one summer as a reading tutor. The most rewarding part was just bonding with my buddy, and watching him grow. Taking my buddy from not being able to understand my instructions, to him being able to consistently read 3 letter words was incredibly rewarding! My buddy and I don’t have a “tutor student” relationship; rather, we have a more personal and friendly connection. We aren’t all business- we try to joke, laugh, and have fun while learning. He especially enjoys telling me stories about his life. A great moment with my buddy was when he actually taught me a few words in his language (scary dog). Using that, I would tell him funny stories and make him laugh, which also made me feel good.

Being a tutor at Learning Buddies Network, I have really learned how to be patient with both myself and my buddy. As well, I had a lot of practice refining my skills in communication. I would definitely recommend Learning Buddies Network as a great place to volunteer!


Evan Mak