Michelle Gilman, M.Ed
Program Director

Michelle Gilman brings with her over 20 years of educational resource experience.  Michelle has spent a large part of her career creating and administering educational assessments, collaborating with school-based resource teams and being the liaison between parents, teachers, professionals and students. Michelle is a Ph.D student at UBC focussing on literacy.

Wilfred Lau
Operations Manager

Wilfred Lau graduated from UBC with a BSc in 2013. Wilfred was inspired by how much mentorship could change a young child’s life and became a volunteer mentor in 2009 while in high school. He became more involved and took on leadership opportunities when available and today is the Operations Manager. Growing along with Learning Buddies, Wilfred has a deep understanding of the organization’s values and is passionate about changing the lives of struggling students in our community.

Wesley Chu
Assistant Manager

Wesley is a recent graduate from UBC who began volunteering for Learning Buddies in 2010 as a mentor. Throughout the years, he became more and more involved with the organization, going on to lead numerous mentors within our partnered schools. Having close ties with the vision and initiative of Learning Buddies, he hopes to further and support the education of children in the lower mainland who need it the most.

Board of Directors

Dr. Alisa Lipson
Founder & President

Alisa Lipson is a pediatrician and Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UBC. She has a longstanding interest in child development and learning, and has had extensive involvement with schools in the lower mainland.  She is a local educator for physicians in pediatric medicine and developmental pediatrics.

Dr. Alice Ho

Alice Ho is a family physician who has been working in Vancouver for more than 30 years.  Through her work, she understands the value of Learning Buddies Network’s mission to inspire young students to learn and to foster leadership in student volunteers.  She is proud to be a board member since 2008.  Furthermore, all three of her children had been involved with Learning Buddies Network in senior positions for many years.

Christopher Kape, MBA

Christopher Kape has been actively involved in numerous private and public businesses in various stages of their life cycle from incubation, commercialization and through to maturity. As a result, and as testimony to his track record, Mr. Kape maintains numerous officer and director positions with private and public firms engaged in a cross section of industries.

Doris Pham

Doris is currently a UBC dentistry student.  She has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a former exemplary volunteer and staff member of the LBN team.  Doris tutored and coordinated her own site for years. As Assistant Program Manager she was on the ground problem solving, and has deep insights into what works and what does not.  Her extensive understanding of the particulars of LBN is a great asset to the board.

Linda Civkin

Linda Civkin is a retired elementary school teacher, with some experience teaching English as a Second Language. She has an extensive background in volunteering, event planning, promotion, and sales.  She has volunteered within the arts & culture community, as well as in health-related and educational charities.  Linda currently lives in Richmond and grew up in Vancouver.

Maria Medic

Maria Medic is an educator, retired Principal, and an Instructor/Supervisor in the Richmond Educational Assistant Program.    As the former Principal of Blundell Elementary where many of her students benefitted from LBN tutoring, she knows first-hand the difference that LBN makes in student attitudes and abilities.  She is pleased pay it forward and support LBN’s on-going mission, so that other students may too receive the gifts of literacy and numeracy.

Honorary Board Members

Judy Boxer-Zack, Fundraising Professional and Former Manager of LBN programs
John Kibblewhite, Principal in Richmond School District and Former School Staff Mentor for LBN
Emma Kim, Pharmacist and Former Manager of LBN programs
Alison Lee, Co-founder of LBN, winner of YWCA Young Women of Distinction for her work with LBN, Fellow in Emergency Medicine, BC Children’s Hospital
Leah Wong, Retired Learning Assistance Teacher and Author of LBN’s First Tutor Manual and Program